Enlighten Development began as a software development house. In the first two years, we had two enterprise class applications written in C/C go international - HelpNet! and AlertNet!

Both applications were developed to help tech support do their job more efficiently.  HelpNet! was a helpdesk application that had the honor of being the first commercially available helpdesk software to allow technician linking and three linked categories of failure.  AlertNet! was a precursor to a MOM-like product for OS/2. (Microsoft Operations Manager)

Our focus changed from C/C coding to Microsoft Technologies based on Visual Basic 6 and then on to all flavors of .Net.  The decision behind this move was based on disaster recovery.  In situations were a C/C coder couldn't be found to maintain an application, there was a huge issue.  By converting to VB, others could be trained more easily to handle basic code reviews, etc.  Speed was becoming less of an issue with the systems that were coming out and ease of programming/maintenance soon became the primary goal replica rolex .

Today, development work continues using the .Net family of products, with much of our focus Web 2.0 Intranet and extranet applications.  Code Review/Auditing is our secondary focus with regards to ensuring security in-depth. rolex replica ; This business decision was based on the fact that developing secure code - while difficult, isn't necessarily where the help is needed.  By focusing on reviews, we can help companies ensure better security and efficiency without replacing swiss replica watches products that they already have the business processes in place to use.

     Our mission is to become a premier code design, audit and review company in North America.  We will accomplish this not only by utilizing the latest technology for automating code reviews, but also by having highly trained and experienced coders manually review source code line-by-line who value Security, Form, Functionality, and Efficiency.

Tim Fischer, CISSP
CEO Enlighten Development LLC

As a veteran Entrepreneur,Mr. Fischer possesses a strong background in information security, incident response/disaster recovery, and digital forensics investigations.  For thirteen years prior to founding Senteras LLC (an information security company), he was the managing director of Enlighten Development.  An eight-year Naval Reserve veteran and Concordia University honors graduate, Mr. Fischer holds memberships with the FBI's Infragard Program, the Homeland Security Information Network - Critical Infrastructure (HSIN-CI), and is the Treasurer for the North East Wisconsin chapter of the Information Systems Security Association rolex replica watches (ISSA).  He is also a Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator and manages the DigForIT Labs (Digital Forensics Investigations Team)  for Senteras.